Sunday Blues

  For many, Sunday is a day to reflect, connect, and rest. As a child, I loathed Sundays. I wasn’t allowed to play with friends. Not because my parents were religious, but because I would put off my homework and chores until the last day of the week. I knew no other way of managing my time. So, Sundays were the last chance to complete what i could have done earlier in the week.  I often times still do put things off until the last minute... for example, I wait until I absolutely have to go to the grocery store, folding laundry, writing this blog! Haha...but in my mind, the reason i put these things off until the last minute is, because i simply would rather be doing other things, like creating art, or walking with my dog, Javier. Procrastination is genetic, or that’s what i like to tell myself. However, I still manage to get it done. I did walk with Javier today, I did fold the laundry, and i did write this blog. Get it done all y’all. Thank you for reading this blog.  Now I have to go rest and connect. 

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