The Eyes Win.

Today’s thoughts are a reflection on love and come from a place of only love.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. MLK.


     Martin Luther King took his last breath two years before I took my first inhalation. He too was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I loved knowing this great man grew up in the same city I did. I was proud to be born and raised in “The ATL”. Atlanta was a young city and full of possibilities. I almost felt like Atlanta and I grew up together. 

 I went to a small private school in midtown. I guess by being in this protective little bubble, I thought racism was a thing of our past, not in our town and definitely not in our school. No way! This is where my black friends, interrupt and say not only was it in our city, it was also in our school. I could never imagine anyone being treated differently because of the color of his/her skin. Maybe I turned a blind eye to it, but racism was in my school and apparently still is today. I apologize. I will always apologize for this, and do my best to educate myself and others. I always lead with love, and strongly suggest trying this way of being.

    My mother taught me, “It takes all colors to make a rainbow”. The rainbow was what I believed we were all striving to be a part of. I really thought racism was fed and bred by ignorance and fear. I thought racism only existed in places like Forsyth County. I thought when my friend, Jennifer and her father Bill who happened to be an episcopal priest road on a MARTA bus, singing “We Shall Overcome”, participating in a non violent march in total silence we helped put an end to this atrocious behavior in 1987 once and for all. I thought surely, everyone recognizes we are all connected! Surely we all have evolved... where is our rainbow?

Oh, to be the dreamer.

Time to be the visionary.

     How to be a visionary is simple. Look into the eyes of the individual standing before you. I have always been an observer and learned the most when really looking into a person’s eyes. It is not an act of judgement, but a longing to honestly connect and belong. When an individual looks directly into the eyes of another person a truth is unveiled. An energetic connection is made. We recognize we are one, and share an undeniable thread of this garment. We break away from prejudices, and remove the disconnection. We can continue to stitch this miraculous cloth with intimate care to protect our children’s future and mend the tears and mistakes we have made in our past by simply seeing the beauty we all hold within. I know when you look into my eyes, there is quite a story there, and I hope I bring you only comfort, joy and love. I hope I make you feel safe and welcome. I look forward to truly seeing you all again in a very near future. Until then, Dream bigger. Love deeper. Be the rainbow. 

PS. I always wanted greenish blue eyes like my father, but inherited poop brown eyes like my mama. So, my eyes might not be the prettiest, but boy do they have a story to tell and it comes from a place of only love. My heart and spirit cannot wait to go back to Atlanta and see my friends and family once again. Until then, I’m watching you. :)  Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you.



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