The Hermit

   I have a lot going on for doing very little.

I have said this for sometime now. I live in the middle of nowhere (that’s what my friends say) and I work alone. I draw the Hermit tarot card nine times out of ten in my own readings. I am never shocked when seeing this card.  I am actually quite comforted by the Hermit. The meaning of the hermit is simply, “Know thyself. Reflection, contemplation, and self acceptance. Introversion and solitude. Take care not to become too detached from the world around you...”.  I AM THE HERMIT. I absolutely love being alone. Days can go by and I realize the only people other than my husband, I see are the ones at the grocery.  I have grown quite comfortable living in “my cave” as long as it is well lit, and I have my paints and music. (Listening to the Stones, “Gimme Shelter” as I type... ha that might be a sign??)

Speaking of signs... I am always looking for them.  Driving home from a business dinner, the other night, with my anxiety trying to take over, we saw this massive red ball fall out of the black sky. The dinner was about me going back into business, and being around others all day.  I was rehashing the night with my husband, and there it was. A huge shooting star! I yelled out, “holy shit, if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is!” I have never seen a shooting star that big, and it was right in from the of us. I knew this was the universe/my guides saying, “go for it!” 

  Another sign was a couple of nights ago, I had a very vivid dream. A deer came in the house and I was talking with the deer and explaining to him (he spoke English) he could stay, but would have to stay in the barn when I go to work (I do not have a barn in my real life). The deer symbolizes an awakening of your spiritual desires. I must leave behind my shyness towards others and open my heart. The deer symbolizes good news, and good fortune and who couldn’t need all that? Oh, and don’t get me started on seeing 5:55 or 11:11 on the clock over and over. 

   Anyway, I know a change is a coming. Not just because it’s in my cards or from all the recent signs. Change is inevitable. Even this late in my game of life, I am ready to move out my current situation and onto something different. I have received lots of comments on this change and I am appreciative of all of them. Most of them are positive, some are borderline insulting and negative, but I believe these comments serve a purpose. They are preparing me for the outside world. I take the comments, and ask does this feel right to me? The answer is a bold ass “NO”. I do not (after being a hermit for the last ten years) listen to anyone but myself. I have learned to go within for my answers and I am so damn grateful I now listen. I do not know for certain my move will be a success, but I know if I don’t try I will never know.  I already consider any change a success, because I did something different and learn a lot.

So, don’t let people’s opinions, your age, your past or any reason stand in your way from trying something new. Get out there and make it happen. In my heart, I will always be a hermit, but I am ready to come out of my cave and shine again.

I Might have to rewrite my statement, I have a lot going on for doing very little...

how about, I have a lot going on because I am a lot?

Anyway, with this blog I am excited to announce to YOU, I (the hermit) am opening a new shop in downtown Santa Fe. I look forward to sharing my passions with this sweet little town I call home. 

And yes, I still give readings and I am pretty certain I always will... let me know if you are interested. 

PS. Look for the signs, they are all around you.






  • Donna Rawlins Feist

    Hello Jennifer – from back in LA in the writers’ group we shared, I always felt comfortable around you. Although our lives led us along paths that didn’t cross, I felt an uncanny sense of timing today as I read about your new store in Sante Fe. That post led me to here (your blog post) which revealed this delightful human whom I relate to on a deep level. THANK YOU for writing and revealing yourSelf to all of us who are inspired by your authenticity. We have so much in common. I did not know.

    Perhaps that is why I named my protagonist “Jennifer” in the novel I wrote out of that class we took “way back when” in Santa Monica. I finished but did not publish that novel. Maybe you remember (or not – no matter…) I told you I named her “Jennifer.”

    I’m very interested in a reading, although there is no rush. I will PM you on FB with my contact info. What a joy to reconnect.

  • Meg Lenzer

    As always, JJ, I am inspired by your courage and determination to step out ahead of your doubts and insecurities and MOVE FORWARD. I know you will be successful at whatever challenges you take on. Congratulations on your shop, lmk if you need any help ❤️!

  • Cyn

    I’m so excited for you!!! A shop!!! Of what?? Your work? Books? Accessories for home? Crystals, Cards and Candy? How very exciting…you beautiful, magical hermit you! 💕

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